How to choose the perfect number


When you buy dmAnswers14, you get to choose a geographical number for use with the service. You can use this number on your business card, website, and marketing material. Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect number for your business:

What will your number say about your business?

Your chosen number can say a lot about your business to your potential customers.

Certain types of business, do much better if they have a local number. For example, a plumbing business will get more enquiries if their telephone number has a local area code.

On the other hand, a consulting business who wants to attract customers from across the UK, or even internationally, may want to have a London or Edinburgh number to enhance credibility.

Office spaces in major cities like London tend to be more expensive, especially central London, and therefore city numbers can give the impression of your company being more established. Another way to look more established is to have a number ending in two or more zeros.

Where do you want your business to be located?

As there are no physical telephone lines to install, your telephone number can reflect as being from anyUK location, regardless of where your business is actually situated.

If, for example, your office is based in Cornwall but you want to be seen to be based in central London, then simply organise a London-based mail forwarding service to obtain your London postal address and get a central London phone number with your dmAnswers14 package.

How memorable does your number need to be?

Some businesses want an easily remember ed number. Certain combinations of numbers are easier to remember than others. For example, a number ending with sequential digits such as 3456, or a number ending with all the same digits, such as 5555.

Although Gold numbers tend to be more memorable, there could be standard numbers available that will make your business more memorable. For example, a recent customer wanted to make the point that his business is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He was able to find several business numbers to choose from ending in 247.


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