About dmClub

dmClub LogodmClub, the creator of dmAnswers14, is passionate about enabling small and growing businesses to punch above their weight by accessing cost and flexibility benefits of VoIP technology. As a pioneer in  VoIP systems development, the company has been producing innovative solutions, including many telephony 'world firsts', for more than 20 years.

Committed to innovation 

dmClub is proud to have brought many 'world firsts' to business telephony and innovation is at the core of what it does to this day. This tech company was one of the first to locate itself around the 'Silicon Roundabout' in the City of London, a thriving centre housing some of the UK's most innovative IT companies. Currently dmClub is working on more ground-breaking technology that will make it even easier for customers to do business.

A values-driven organisation

The core principles of dmClub's approach to both customers and their reseller network are transparency, accessibility, honesty, and professional pride. The company's support desk is staffed by intelligent, friendly experts who are competent problem solvers, rather than the all-too-complained-about support desks who are slaves to a script and under pressure to complete a call as quickly as possible.

Prudent management

dmClub is privately held, profitable and debt-free - neither asking for, nor offering, credit.

Why dmClub created dmAnswers14

Over 300,000 new businesses are created every year in the UK, all with a great need to keep costs to a minimum whilst striving to win new business. dmClub created dmAnswers14 to provide small businesses with an affordable way of obtaining professional call answering, so that they can capture sales enquiries and other important calls when they are unavailable to answer calls for themselves.


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